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Welcome, I'm Jelena

I enjoy helping women feel comfortable in their own skin, whether it's through business or boudoir photography.


As you know already, in today's digital world, the first impression means a lot. If you want to leave an impression of professionalism through business portraits or to display your personal brand through visuals that tell exactly your story, it's time to schedule a business photo shoot.


And if you want to take time for yourself without a twinge of conscience and create memories of yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, just as you are at this moment - you are in the right place. I create boudoir portraits that will give you a confidence boost every time you look at them!


My superpower is to make even those people who don't like having their photos taken feel good throughout the process - that's exactly what I've done with dozens of women over the past 4 years.

jelena lekic fotograf

Whether you need new photos for LinkedIn, your website or some other marketing materials, at Cozy Studio we have packages that will meet the needs of your authentic and professional presentation.

poslovni portret
poslovni portret

poklon za ženu - boudoir fotografisanje
boudoir fotografija

This is a photoshoot for your enjoyment.

Boudoir photography is known for empowering and boosting self-confidence, which has an impact on every sphere of our lives.

Freedom, courage, daring, determination and joy are just some of the epithets that this experience has brought to my clients over the years.

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