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boudoir and business portraits - Cozy studio Belgrade



"Welcome to my world of photography where I celebrate the beauty and power of every woman.

I am a passionate boudoir and business photographer, wife, mother of two girls, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker and most often a woman who enjoys, dreams and looks forward to every day.


Through my work, with understanding and enthusiasm, I record with a camera the essence of your current journey. Through boudoir, I empower you to embrace your confidence, sensuality and freedom, and through business photography, authenticity.

For me, photography is a mirror of truth that tells a powerful story through every frame.

I enjoy helping women feel really good in their own skin, whether it's through boudoir or business photography."

This is a photo-session tailored for your enjoyment.
Boudoir photography is known for empowering and boosting self-confidence, which has an impact on every sphere of our lives. Freedom, courage, confidence and joy are just some of the epithets that this experience has brought to my clients over the years.

Whether you need new business photos for LinkedIn, your website or some other marketing materials, at Cozy Studio we have packages that will suit your professional presentation needs.

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