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In the Cozy Boudoir studio you will see your final digital photos no later than two weeks after the photo shoot and then you will choose the ones you like and that you want to see in the photo book or on the wall.

Photobook Classic

This luxury album prints photos on quality thicker paper, showing a minimalist arrangement of photos, of which the strongest impression is left by those photos that take up full width (two pages). The album covers can be made of beautiful canvas or eco leather designs. This luxury album can be upgraded to include a plexiglass front cover and a matching storage box.

Photobook Romance

An album you fall in love with at first sight and touch. Quality thicker sheets will complete the pleasure of viewing photos every time you want to be reminded of a boudoir photography experience. In it, photos complement their sophistication whether they are arranged vertically or horizontally. Comes in a wooden box in several colors.

Art on the wall