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Surprises are everywhere, beautiful, ugly, good, bad. Each of us likes to immortalize some crucial moments: with a song, a story, a book, a trip, a tattoo, a piercing, a hairstyle, a picture...

I chose the photo.

Thinking about life, about what was behind me, what is today, what is tomorrow, defying my age, I decided to treat myself to a series of artistically challenging photos.


With a search on Instagram, Jelena caught my attention. Her choice of models dared me. These are women who are not engaged in professional modeling. Intuition pulled me more and more towards posing. It was a matter of when I would click the button
to book a date.


A boudoir weekend, hmmm, sounds interesting enough to tickle the fancy. I make an appointment at the speed of light. I've had a desire brewing for a long time and I'm finally making it come true.


August 19 is my day. There were a lot of questions, when, where, how, will I be able to, what to bring, will I be free...? Jelena's video consultation made everything easier. Cheerful, smiling, natural, spontaneous like a warm-hearted neighbor, she made me relax and not worry about anything. I waited impatiently for my date.

The anticipation was like a promise to a child who needs to fulfill something big. The bag with my stuff was pretty much ready as was I. Sunny, clear day. The positive vibration was on. Butterflies running in the stomach. I run quickly into the car, easily find the studio, easily find the parking lot, everything flows in a good rhythm.


The infinitely nice Jelena greets me at the door, with a few words and
non-committal sentences, the nervousness was left behind me. I immediately rush to change, because I don't want to wait any longer, I want to immortalize my 44 phenomenal years!


The instructions on how to set myself up, how to sit, lie down, what I want, how I should... made it much easier for me. In the background there is music that pleases me and makes me wanna dance. An hour and a half ended unrealistically fast. I guess that's how it is with things that are good so they could happen again.

First look at the pictures. It was: this is me???? I stare in rapt disbelief and wonder if it's me? Jelena is a enchanter, a magician who revived me, shook me up, raised my ego and restored my self-confidence. She fulfilled my wishes. Every picture says, "This woman is enjoying every second!!!"

I definitely should have realized this as soon as I wanted, because it would have contributed to my self-confidence, ego, and femininity. The most beautiful thing I did for myself.

Jelena thank you endlessly

The business photo is the best of the best, and my boudoir package... with all due respect, I would say!  


Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dream. 

The idea of this kind of photography has always appealed to me, but I was looking for the right way to implement it. And that is: that it should be classy, that it should be powerful, and that I have a complete guarantee as far as the management of the recorded material is concerned. Finally, right on my birthday, all the dice came together and I was able to gift myself. 


You are very pleasant and cheerful, and the whole process flows extremely naturally, so I am sure that even the most shy clients open up: I was very pleasantly surprised by how much effort was put into every detail during the make-up. Even the final photo selection process went extremely smoothly, in the sense that there were so many beautiful and different photos to choose from. And not just a different pose or lighting, but there were a lot of variations in the very emotion that the picture carries. I would say that this is where the artistry of a photographer can be seen the most — to convey all the fine nuances of our being in the picture.


It was wonderful, liberating, and my impression is probably best summed up by the sentence: I would do it all again!!! I think I opened a new chapter in my life with this, and I like it.


I had planned for some jubilee birthday to repeat the experience, will be much, much sooner.

I still look at them and enjoy them, they seem unreal, like from a magazine, but that's really me!


One beautiful story into which I curiously entered and simply indulged myself, wanting to celebrate myself, my birthday in a unique and special way. And the boudoir fully fulfilled that expectation, through those photos I grew in beauty and feeling of femininity and  pleasures. 


Free and powerful, each of us deserves it!Thank you.🌸

I want to thank You for a wonderful day...

The day I got to know a new me... or at least the old me who dared to come out of the shell...

The day I shined and broke the boundaries of my insecurities and dressed with confidence...

The day when the imperfections of my exterior were projected into a beautiful and easy acceptance of myself...

A day that simply breathed a sense of freedom...
And you helped me with that!

Thank you! ❤️

Before the photoshoot, I was very excited and impatient to see how it looked.

I even think that my insomnia (which I have occasionally) was activated the night before the painting 😃

I wasn't nervous but I was excited.Otherwise, I came to the photo shoot believing that it would be very difficult to take good photos with a model like me (I believe that I'm not photogenic, that is, I generally don't like how I look in photos). In that sense, you helped me a lot, although I am aware that it took a lot of patience😅

I enjoyed the make-up and preparation, and exactly how long it took to have a relaxed expression on my face – um…I think more than half an hour. I was confused and mostly didn't know what to do with my hands. The advice you gave me was great.

I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to pose. I don't think it was too bad, but I wasn't sure if that type of photography was for me, knowing that I'm not good at normal posing either😀.

It was an amazing feeling to look at my final photos, I got a completely different experience of myself. Somehow I don't look like a kid in photos (which is most often the case, even at this age 😅), but like a beautiful woman 😋.

Boudoir can help a woman see her beauty in the right way. In addition, it helped me partially get rid of the discomfort when the focus is on me. I think we hit the right moment for the photo shoot. Simply, now I was ready for it, and I am very glad that we connected and that I received this photo album. Boudoir photography broadens your horizons and makes you look at yourself in a different way.

I didn't know what to expect, I just came to the photoshoot, trusting that everything would be great. For the first time it happened that I saw my photos that are not "capturing the moment", but are actually mystical and mysterious but also very free at the same time.

I would be happy to recommend boudoir photography to other women. It's fun to be a photo model for a couple of hours, and the final photos are phenomenal.😊

This experience definitely met expectations. That is I didn't go into it with expectations of how I wanted it to look, I wanted to see where the atmosphere would take me.


Honestly, it was confusing at times to look at my final photos. They are wonderful photos, but some of them I still can't recognize as me, but they are there to remind me that I really look like that.

When you do something for yourself, do yourself whatever it is, it brings value to you. Boudoir is definitely part of that, your body, your freedom. It is a unique experience, you enjoy yourself and your body. It is private and authentic.

When I first saw what type of photoshoot it was, my first thought was that there must be flawless-looking women like I see on the catwalks. 

​I looked at the gallery of Jelena's photos, and realized that these are women that I can meet on the street every day, presented in their brightest light. As someone who likes to take pictures, I thought, "This could be me!" I liked the idea of having great studio photos.

​Later I realized that the boudoir experience is much more than just photos. Before the photo shoot itself, I was excited and wondering how everything would look like. For me, it was a new experience on many levels, the studio, the makeup, the special outfit, as well as the way of posing.

After seeing Jelena's work, I had complete confidence in all segments of the photography, and I followed her suggestions.

I spent a wonderful part of the day in the studio, in a positive and relaxed atmosphere, with a lot of laughter, and despite a fair amount of self-criticism about my appearance, when she showed me some photos during the photo shoot, I was delighted.

And then came the final photos... I was more and more fascinated with each new one I looked at. The shots, the measure with which they were made, subtlety, sensuality and provocation, without a trace of vulgarity, impressed me.

I didn't even notice any minor flaws that I usually deal with when it comes to my body. Overall impression  photography completely suppressed it. “Hey, I can look phenomenal too!” was the thought after the first flip. And then with each subsequent viewing of the final photos, I simply couldn't decide which one I liked more.


I must say that this kind of photography is called an experience for a reason. Because it really is a specific experience, through which I saw myself in a completely new light, which illuminated my self-confidence.

I think that every woman should afford this kind of photography, to realize the beauty that each of us possesses and manifests in our own way.

Before the boudoir photo shoot, I felt like a real movie diva!

You have a make-up artist who very carefully "paints" on your face as if on the finest canvas, and then it's like you're getting ready for a big stage and a bunch of cameras!

I forgot to breathe with excitement! However, adaptation followed very quickly. It was as if I was born for that very moment, and suddenly everything was in the best order.

I got excited about the process itself the moment I saw the first photo in the camera.

There was not a single scary moment. Nothing terrible and nothing unnatural. Jelena accompanied the posing process, so she got the most out of it, very professionally and very responsibly.

The feeling I had when I looked at my final photos was like a new woman was born. Brand new and totally happy to have the body she has.

Boudoir absolutely brings value to a woman! It strengthens the connection with that woman in us, which we often forget due to overwhelming obligations. Let's forget how beautiful, happy, healthy we are just the way we are.

Of course, it would mean that I had experienced this experience earlier in my life. I would stop worrying about my hips, and love my typically feminine figure much sooner.

This experience fulfilled even more than my expectations. A totally new energy and a wonderful acquaintance was born.

You simply have to experience this experience.

Boudoir photography is an experience that all women should give themselves.

It's easy and beautiful.

And the more relaxed you are, the easier and more beautiful it is.

The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to bring to light the shades of being that you often hide from the world.

You will feel the freedom that you often do not allow yourself, and the phenomenal photos will remain as a reminder that you should allow yourself those emotions every day because they are what you live for! ❤️

"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was the key to giving more love to myself.” Oprah Winfrey

Thanks to Jelena for the experience that completely changed my perspective on myself and my own body.

And it wasn't easy to fall in love with my imperfections and overcome all insecurities at the end of my 30s, when it seems I've always lived with them.

It's interesting how"tight" I was at the beginning, and how much I felt like a world top model at the end of the photo session.

Amazing photos are just an object, but the feeling that was created, pushed past all resistance and fears and became my personal absolute truth - that I am a strong and beautiful woman - will last forever.

And if I ever forget and go astray, the photos are there to remind me.

In short - something completely different, a completely new experience and interesting photos.

I was curious and wanted to experience something new and see myself in a different light. I also thought that it would help with my confidence since I'm not really someone who likes to take pictures a lot.

Before the photo shoot I felt elated, the preparations lasted for weeks and I was completely engrossed in the whole story. I must admit that I was a little nervous about how it would all turn out, but the whole experience was unforgettable and very interesting. I can't say that I was nervous, but there was a little trepidation at the beginning. During the whole experience, there was a positive atmosphere, with a great photographer, make-up artist and hairdresser.

Of course, I was thinking about how I look now, whether I have adjusted well, etc. I definitely realized that not every pose is for everyone and that not all of them are simple even though they look like that.

It was rather fun, from the start to the preparation itself. Is it hard? I must admit that it is not as easy as many people think, you sit down, lie down and take a picture. At the end I was a little tired but nothing that can't be endured. And in the end it really pays off when you see the pictures. I am very happy with the whole experience!

When looking at the final pictures, my feelings were mixed and agitated. Happiness, joy, disbelief: This is me!!

I think every woman should see herself this way.

It really affected my confidence, especially when you see yourself in pictures that will stay with you forever.

I believe that every woman should live this experience first of all for herself and that when those days come when we don't feel very well, she has images that will lift her mood and self-confidence.

Crucial to wanting a boudoir experience was that, first of all, I wanted to have a couple of pictures that will be dear to me forever, and with which I am satisfied, and yet, looking at the other incredibly beautiful pictures on social networks, I could not even imagine how they could be me.

I didn't have any nervousness or nervousness before the photo shoot itself, which was greatly helped by meeting and talking with the photographer beforehand. The experience was unforgettable and positive. Without any nervousness or fear, it was absolutely natural to let go and relax.

The final photos were a real shock! I expected only a few photos with which I am absolutely satisfied, because I am critical of myself. What I saw as a result of the photography left me speechless. I couldn't believe it was me. It seemed unreal, like from some world magazines.

This experience absolutely affected me in the sense that it made me very happy in the moment, and also every time I look at one of my pictures. It actually happens every day because just one favorite found its place on the wall 😊

I would absolutely recommend this experience to every woman, whether she is currently not happy with herself for any reason, or whether she is the happiest in the world, this is an unforgettable experience that every woman deserves and should experience. Boudoir photography is something that frees, relaxes and makes that beautiful woman in you come to the maximum expression.

I am of the opinion that every woman should please herself as much as she can and whenever she can. 

This Boudoir experience is definitely one of those "self indulgences".


I had no expectations, I wanted to be surprised and I was, very pleasantly! Now I have something for life, something unusual and wonderful. 


Thank you to the wonderful Jelena for making the day so fun and relaxed and for taking such photos that can cheer me up when I'm down. 


Photos that I'll be happy to look at one day when I'm old. 🙂

How did you feel before the photo shoot?
Not sure if I'll feel relaxed enough to enjoy the process.

How was the experience itself? Were you nervous? Excited?
Nervous at first because I was thinking about how I can't pose. Completely playful and excited until the end. :D

How long did it take you to start enjoying the process?
Until I stripped down to just my underwear. hahahah

What was the "scariest" part of the photo shoot? Have you thought about how you will manage to pose?
Nothing was terrible.

How did it feel to see your final photos?
I shyly looked at them only a couple of times. It was easier for me to take photos. :D

Do you think boudoir brings value to a woman?

Would it mean that you had experienced this experience earlier in your life?
All in good time. :)

Did it give you a sense of freedom?
Absolutely, I saw a part of myself that I haven't seen before and the experience is so much fun. I started taking pictures myself, just for
fun. :)

Did this experience meet your expectations? Did you have any at all?
It is. I imagined that it would be a way out of my comfort zone. But it exceeded expectations in that everything was much more relaxed for me (even though I was in my head a lot) and it was as if I was playing a trick with my friend. :D

Would you recommend this experience to other women, and why?
I already did to everyone. Simply because I think they deserve to see themselves in whatever light they are. :)"

Are you ready for your Boudoir experience?

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