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Boudoir Bliss

Favorite birthday gift

30 digital images

You will choose 30 digital photos that you like the most and that you will keep with you forever. You will receive the final photos by email within 14 days from the day of the photo shoot.


1 hour of photography

Just enough time so you don't get tired of posing and just enough time to go through multiple poses. If you are inspired, there is always the option of paying for an extension of the photo shoot.


Direction (Posing)

Whether you like and know how to pose or you are a completely unfamiliar to posing and you don't really like to take pictures (or you don't have the opportunity because you are always taking pictures of your kids), we will go through several poses and along the way I will do my best to make your time pass smoothly.


2 outfits

Feel free to bring a few combinations of lingerie or outfits that you think would be great for a photo shoot - on the spot, you'll be able to narrow down the selection to the most beautiful ones.

* An additional purchase is possible for hair styling and professional make-up

Package price: 280 eur

boudoir photography

Booking details

Thank you!

Looking for perfect gift?

Choose amount or package and bring a smile to that special someone.

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