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What is the process?

In the following lines, you will read all about the process, from scheduling an appointment for boudoir photography to picking up the product.


When you decide on boudoir photography and make a deposit for the reservation fee, O prefer that we have a short video consultation call where we can meet and chat about the experience.

At consultations, among other things, we talk about:

  • preparation before coming to the boudoir photoshoot

  • preparation on the day of the photoshoot (professional make-up and hair styling are included in the price of the package),

  • the ideal moment when you should come for a photo shoot as well as about your preferences related to boudoir photography,

  • a document in the form of a contract/agreement in which, among other things, my respect for your privacy is stated,

  • exact reservation date available


On the day of the photoshoot, you arrive about 10 minutes early and slowly start preparing your hair and makeup, followed by 1-3 hours of photography (depending on the chosen package) - change into 1-5 outfits, the first of which is usually something more casual (dress, t-shirt, jeans, whatever you feel comfortable in, relaxed and beautiful) followed by a photo shoot in underwear. At the very end, depending on your wishes, there will be several photos only with the sheets.

The boudoir experience lasts from 2-5 hours (again, depending of the chosen package), and you come for the final digital photos within 14 days at the latest when you will choose which of those final, edited photos will go on the selected products. Products are available for pickup within 10 days from the day of ordering.

A large number of questions have been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, so check it out - the answer to your question is probably already there, and if you need more information, feel free to contact me.

If you are ready for your boudoir session, please go to section ?? and choose the date! ❤


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