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Bridal Boudoir

Favorite gift for him

You will choose 35 final edited photos that will be arranged in a photobook and that you will excitedly give to your future husband as a gift on the wedding day. We are sure that your gift will delight him! To ensure that your photobook arrives on time, plan your appointment at least one month in advance.

The size of the photobook is 30x20cm.


1,5 hour of photography

There are several types of veils and other bridal props in the studio, so 1.5 hours will fly by! It would be nice to bring flowers or a bouquet of your choice to complete the story of the newlyweds at the photo shoot.


35 digital images

You will receive a link with the final photos by email no later than 14 days after the photo shoot. Open a new folder in the phone gallery just for your photos and enjoy them every day!


up to 3 outfits

White linen is a favorite for Bridal Boudoir, and you can bring two-piece, one-piece and other types of linen and wardrobe that fit your idea.

* Upgrade for professional make-up and additional products is possible.

Package price: 390 eur

bridal boudoir belgrade

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